Oil-free Nutritious Salads and Wine Pairing

Oil-free Nutritious Salads and Wine Pairing

Chef Marie presents her second cookbook: Oil-free Nutritious Salads and Wine Pairing. This book, which aims to make cooking light, tasty and healthy, accessible to all, includes more than 100 recipes for delicious salads that are quick to cook and tasty. 

Recipes are all vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and low in carbs. You will discover a burst of new flavors, highlighting famous cuisines of the world. Also, Chef Marie suggests making easy vegan cheese recipes, vegan yogurt versions, mayo, and salad dressings like our favorite, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Caesar, all-vegan ways! It's a practical tool to keep in the kitchen simply made to inspire your cuisine. You will then become more intuitive in cooking while learning helpful tips from Chef Marie's cooking.

"It is the continuation of my career in the kitchen that took a new direction following the changes brought by the pandemic. I continue to be in the service of my clientele with a holistic cooking approach. My goal is to share tips and recipes to strive for well-being with healthy ways that balance the mind, body, and spirituality. For me, it's a discovery every day and I share practices, recipes, and discoveries to support you in your daily life."


"It seemed essential to me to write this book in which I transmit light recipes, low in carbohydrates, sugar-free and gluten-free, simple and fast, personalized, to the taste of discovery!''

This cookbook reflects Chef Marie's sparkling personality: touches of fusion cuisine allow me to express all my creativity and put forward the trends of the moment, daring flavors that demonstrate the expressive side of Chef Marie, and above all, recipes that honor the flavors of the cuisines of the world and that reflect my desire to bet on a value that is dear to me, namely authenticity, freshness and the quality of ingredients that are easy to find in grocery stores. All well washed down with food-wine pairings carefully chosen by Chef Marie. 

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“In every dash of spice, there’s a story of love and passion.”🌶️


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