Chef Marie Lifestyle Food Guide

Chef Marie Lifestyle Food Guide

Chef Marie presents her first cookbook: Chef Marie Lifestyle Food Guide. This book aims to make traditional cooking, the tastes of her childhood, with more than 100 tasty and healthy recipes. You will discover mixtures of absolutely unique flavors. This book offers simplified recipes, it is a practical tool in the kitchen that is accessible to all. The recipes are all gluten-free and low in carbohydrates also offering vegan alternatives to every recipe.

"It's literally my logbook in the kitchen! Classic recipes revisited to the taste of the day such as Beef Bourguignon, Classic Orange Candied Duck, Grilled Salmon, and its delightful Ginger Citrus Butter Sauce, Exquisite Salads to make all year round, the Famous Gratin Dauphinois, Gourmet Accompaniments... You'll be thrilled!" 

"It is the continuation of my career in the kitchen that took a new direction following the changes brought by the pandemic. I continue to be in the service of my clientele with a holistic cooking approach. My goal is to share tips and recipes to strive for well-being with healthy ways that balance the mind, body, and spirituality. For me, it's a discovery every day and I share practices, recipes, and discoveries to support you in your daily life."

It's an "A"-ma-zing Useful Cooking Tool all year-long! Get back to homemade soul food cooking.

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''Let's remind ourselves that cooking is not just about following recipes; it’s an art form that allows us to express our creativity and love through food. So let's keep those pots simmering and let the passion shine!'' 😊


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