Weekly Menu Food Preparation

Weekly Menu Food Preparation

Per Hour + Grocery

Chef Marie is making sure to prepare you the best nutritious, healthy, delicious weekly custom-made holistic menus for all meals: smoothies, breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners, and desserts. 

Recipes for all diets and healthy lifestyles: Low-carbs, gluten-free, sugar-free, diabetic menu, macro menu, ketogenic menu, hormonal reset menu, paleo menu, fitness pro menu, clean-eating, allergy-friendly, and more; based in Las Vegas.

Reiki Chef Marie's MENU

To each order, you will receive complementary French loaf of bread and 12 energy bites (Rolled Oats, Chia Seeds, Toasted Coconut, Organic Nut Butter, Organic Honey) made with high vibration and love to keep you energized so you can do everything you enjoy to do!

The best prepared clean meal plan is designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Chef's curated recipes use only the highest quality organic produce, highest quality gluten-free ingredients, natural sugar-free products (stevia, erythritol, monk fruit), grass-fed protein, free-range chicken, sustainably caught seafood, and organic protein produce. Get started today!  

The Chef's portion perfect clean meals are prepared and delivered fresh to you weekly for an effortless, delicious whole foods diet. Each dish is minimally processed, lightly seasoned, and portioned perfectly to support your health and calorie goals.  

Delivery: For optimal flavor and nutrition, Chef Marie delivers your meals fresh to your home each week in a temperature-controlled cooler that you can keep. It is a one-time purchase($15) on the first delivery. All you need to do is heat the meals up for a few minutes on the stovetop, or in the oven, air fryer, or microwave. All Chef's plans are low calorie, high protein, and range from moderate to low carb - averaging 350 to 500 calories and over 20 to 40g of protein per dish. If you are looking for strict control of your macro diet, you can build your own menu using our meal prep ingredients or pick and choose individual dishes with our low fat, high protein classic meal plan. 

Get the results you want without the diet food taste! Get optimal flavor and nutrition with perfectly portioned quality ingredients in every dish. Clean, healthy eating starts with whole foods and nutritious ingredients. Whole grains, tubers, legumes, fruits, and vegetables provide the maximum nutritional value promising the most for each calorie. Combined with lean proteins, a clean diet gives you the foundation for success.  

Chef's clean meals are 100% free of preservatives and artificial ingredients. Chef's organic recipes are prepared with one thing in mind, your health, and satisfaction and we don’t cut corners or costs using ingredients that are unnecessary. Clean up your diet and improve your nutrition by eliminating processed foods and refined sugars. Our clean prepared meals harness the power of nature to provide mouth-watering flavor and sustaining nutrition. Organic ingredients are the cornerstones of our clean meals. Reach your full potential and weight loss goals with unrefined, ethical, and sustainable ingredients.  


$50/hr. Price includes and considers: Grocery time, food preparation, delivery, and number of consumers.

Extra hours

They will signify a price increase. This includes:

  • Extra hours for a food-nutrition custom-made document prepared by Chef Marie.
  • Extra hours of specific requirements of nutrition diet control menu. 
  • Extra hours of research on special nutrition requirements for menu development. 
  • Extra hours for collaboration with doctors, nutritionists, athlete trainers, etc.  


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