Whom is cooking for you?
Holistic Cooking: Eat Well - Feel Great

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I am at the service of your nutrition. I have implemented over the years my way of cooking. Cooking is a transfert of energy. We manipulate raw natural ingredients and we transform them and blend them to other foods. The intentions of the person who cooks for you are a fundamental base to cooking since everything we create is energy. Firstly, the person needs to clean its own energy to a pure and divine healing intention. Eating is healing. Eating is nourishing our emotional and physical health's. Everything is related to our own energy state. In my personal and professional cooking, I make sure that my energy is vibrant in the realm of the highest vibration in order to fulfill my duty when cooking for someone or myself, yes. When cooking for my people, I focus on the person with pure healing intentions with joyful thoughts and emotions. Cooking is a sacred action from the heart. I cleanse, clear, harmonize and purify the origins and energies of foods with my hands. I bless water, fire, produces, grains, cereals, proteins, all fruits for the earth and I use spirituality to enhance all meals. Y

You will feel the difference. For certain, we can all feel energy. We can feel our own energy within then we can feel the energy all around us. All beings feel. 

Natural cooking vs processed food can be felt too; there is a difference. Test the difference on how you feel after eating natural homemade meal vs processed foods. Still you can feel the energy that vibrates in your body throughout the day. You may aim for nutritional and positive energy to keep your emotional health and your body going! Health is key to a joyful and happy life. We all understand this statement especially after what we overcame with the pandemic and life experiences. It's a time for positive changes. Tell me, whom is cooking for you right now? 

To tell you a bit about my expertise, I started my career in the restaurant business back in 1996. Food and music have always fed and fulfilled my heart and soul, and it is that fulfillment for me to bring mindful awareness of nutrition, love, and joy to all through my devotion and passion to cooking and music. Another one of my life's passions is bringing to others new and easy ways to add natural healthy alternatives to your cooking that create bursts of flavors in all your foods. I am committed to clean-label transparency and bringing consumers on a journey of self-exploration paired with delicious food discovery. 

Feeding the heart and soul of others is at the core of who I am. I love to cook for people, share my passions, and bring comfort, healing energies and joy to others by lovingly revisiting their most memorable childhood flavors and tastes, in an exploration journey and connection of the heart! 

I have published 3 cookbooks with 100 easy-to-make recipes, including gorgeous color photos. The first two cookbooks are low-carbs and gluten-free, as well as vegan alternatives, and comes chock full of great tips to help you along the way! They are a perfect companion to the herbs and spices collection. The third one, my latest is about the best family cakes and desserts. Enjoy them all!

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