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Chef Marie is in Las Vegas since 2017 promoting new organic herbs and spices products, holistic nutrition cookbooks, and healthy cooking classes. R&D expert in allergens, author of the "Chef Marie’s Lifestyle Food Guide", "The Oil-free Salads & Wine Pairing" and "Cakes and Desserts - Childhood Sweets - Best Family Desserts" Cookbooks. 

Chef Marie shares her journey, research, cooking tips and techniques, to impact consumers to make healthier choices for their health and well-being; and to bring awareness to the next generations of professionals, chefs, home cooks and foodies.

Chef Marie's mission is simple: Bring a daily organic burst of flavors adapted to the lifestyle and nutrition of each and every one. A message from Chef Marie's, watch the video here! 

"At Reiki Chef Marie, I offer quality services that go a long way to ensuring that your requirements are well met. Customer care services go above and beyond - and the reviews show that you can trust my professional services. Feel free to get in touch anytime to discuss furtherly."

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