Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know

What's the MCHEF® Herbs and Spices Conservation?

You can keep the MCHEF® herbs and spice blends for a period of over 3 years in its specialized resealable (thick zipper) metalized pouch at room temperature away from heat and light.

You can also freeze MCHEF® herbs and spice blends up to 1 year. The specialized bag is resealable under vacuum package, which ensures a longer shelf life for herbs and spices. The package includes a foil layer to protect the herbs and spices from light, moisture and air.

What are the MCHEF® Herbs and Spice Specifications?

Chef Marie’s approach makes you discover in a different way the flavors of the worldwide famous cuisine in her unique blends by paying attention to each and every taste of the herbs and spices while abandoning salt intake for better health conditions. Chef Marie’s mission is to provide high-quality, healthy, clean labels while clearly displaying information relevant to consumers' health.

  • USDA - OCIA Organic Certified
  • Kosher Certified
  • HACCP Certified
  • Totally filler-free, additives-free
  • Gluten-free (wheat, barley, triticale, rye, oat)
  • Peanuts-free (and by-products)
  • Nuts-free (and by-products)
  • Dairy-free (milk, lactose, casein, whey)
  • Soy-free
  • Eggs-free
  • Shellfish-free
  • Sulfite-free
  • Sesame-free
  • Mustard-free
  • Coconut-free
  • Corn-free
  • Canola-free
  • Cellulose-free
  • Low in salt

We have a management policy in place in regards to allergens. Spices and Herbs are naturally gluten-free and MCHEF® and our partners do everything within our power to supply our customers with a clean, pure free-from product line that is gluten-free, free of allergens, non irradiated, MSG-free and of the highest quality but every lot of product is not tested.

What do you recommend for red meat?

The reasons we carry so many herbs and spice blends are because everyone has a different palate. However, at home, our personal favorites are STEAK RUB, MEXICO, SMOKED SAN ANTONIO, ISLANDS, SOUTH OF FRANCE, and PROVENCE.

Tips to maximize flavors of the MCHEF® Herbs and Spice Blends

BE INTUITIVE IN YOUR COOKING! Go ahead pinch by pinch while tasting. MCHEF® herbs and spice blends are very concentrated in taste!

It only takes a pinch or two to enhance your dishes! Try it and taste the difference!

Sprinkle MCHEF® organic herbs and spice blends over marinade or over a cooked dish just before serving. It is great to use MCHEF® herbs and spice blends, natural or cooked; you will get two different tastes. You can add the MCHEF® herbs and spices before, during or after cooking!

No need to add salt! MCHEF® herbs and spice blends contain all unique flavors to enhance your dishes! Enjoy!

What is your favorite fish seasoning?

MEDITERRANEAN, hands down, for whitefish, a lemon paradise. For salmon or other heavy ocean fish, we like THAILAND, THE ISLANDS, SMOKED SAN ANTONIO and THE SOUTH OF FRANCE, and MADAGASCAR for seafood, lobsters, and crustacean for the love of vanilla and peppercorn.

What do you recommend for chicken?

Our best seller is THE SOUTH OF FRANCE aromatic, extremely tasty, and delicious for all dishes. We personally love our MEDITERRANEAN, a lemon paradise with a crunch of coriander seeds. Other staff favorites include THE ISLANDS, confit ginger for hot travelers, and THAILAND for the lemongrass and cilantro flavors. Our new MEXICO blend is absolutely delicious for your taco and Mexican dishes!

How about vegetables?

THE SOUTH OF FRANCE is really the greatest all-purpose herbs and spice blend because it is the first one that has been made for my mother Louise. She requested fully balanced herbs and spice blends for all recipes and we have worked on these aromatic from France.

How about vegan-vegetarian protein like tofu-tempeh?

Our best seller is THE SOUTH OF FRANCE aromatics for its amazing dried tomato and lemon peel flavors. We personally have a thing for SMOKED SAN ANTONIO, and THE ISLANDS rub that gives a ginger twist to all recipes! Also, THAILAND is mild and the lemongrass flavor kicks in a little…So delicious! And our new MEXICO will be absolutely delicious for your taco and Mexican dishes!

How about desserts?

We are absolutely thrilled to offer you the GRANDMA SWEET DESSERT SPICE for cakes, muffins, cookies, and pies, to sprinkle over ice cream, hot chocolate, and chai tea. The whole family will enjoy it!

About Orders

How do I modify or cancel my order?

Due to the quick processing time of all orders, we are unable to cancel or modify an order after it has been submitted.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free in North America. For international shipment, the cost is $5.00 USD. Thank you for choosing Chef Marie's Organic Herbs and Spices!

How will I know when my order has shipped?

As soon as UPS or USPS picks up your package and enters it into our system, we will send you a notification and tracking number by email. Thank you for choosing Chef Marie's Organic Herbs and Spices today!